PSE&G Small Business Direct Install Program

Eligible government and non-profit customer facilities must have peak demands of 200 kW or less to be considered for this program. Customers must also be a PSE&G customer of record with a separately metered PSE&G electric and/or gas account. Highland Resource Group is ready to assist with the entire process, whether you want to use your current contractor or one of the PSE&G authorized contractors. For more information about qualifying for the program, click here.

While each of these upgrades individually can provide significant savings, by utilizing HRG's extensive experience with whole-building energy savings, your business can be optimized to ensure all systems are operating at their best. HRG has many years of experience in improving buildings of all ages to operate at their peak efficiency, thus saving the building owner money and providing an improved work environment. 

Eligible energy efficient upgrades can include:

  • Lighting retrofits now include LEDs and Exterior Lighting
  • Lighting Controls
  • Heating, Cooling & Ventilation (HVAC)
  • Refrigeration
  • Motors
  • Site specific custom projects

How does the Direct Install Program benefit customers?

  • Paying for 100% of up-front costs.
  • Providing a free on-site energy audit and detailed project cost estimate.
  • Recommending energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Executing all work through PSE&G authorized contractors.
  • Lowering energy costs by installing energy-efficient equipment.
  • Helping to increase facility operational efficiencies.
  • Creating the foundation for business facility operational efficiency.
  • Creating a safer and more comfortable workplace for employees.
  • Helping meet customer environmental goals by reducing the use of outdated and inefficient equipment and supporting lower carbon footprint standards.
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